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Know Candida Kit #3  Maintain and Get Healthy Again

With Kit #3 you move into a maintenance protocol to be used for a number of months. It is designed to get your body healthier while at the same time continuing to reduce candida overgrowth.

It is meant to be used with Doug Kaufmann's Phase 2 diet.


By the way, if you can only afford one supplement, it is best to focus on a top candida fighter. Most cost effective is a bottle a month dose of CandElim. $49.95. Slightly stronger may be 2 bottles a month of CandXpel. $39.95 each. If you are also dealing with viral, bacterial or mycoplasma infections, consider focusing on the Silver GlucoPlus. $49.95 each.


Know Candida Kit #3 starts with an immune supplement that also improve liver function and brain function. The immune system, the liver and the brain have all been harmed by long term exposure to candida toxins or other mold toxins, so this is a particularly good immune supplement to be using. It is….

Optimal Immune 1

Optimal Immune 1 is an immune boosting supplement herbal formula built around four medicinal mushroom extracts known for their immune boosting capabilities, and a proprietary formulation of nine important herbal extracts.

The mushroom extracts are Reishi, Cordyceps Sinensis, Turkey Tail and Mitake. Taking these is not the same as eating mushrooms. Eating mushrooms can expose you to molds or fungus and their toxins that can be harmful. Especially when you suffer from candida overgrowth. These extracts don't contain fungus, mold or their toxins. The medicinal, healing parts of the mushroom are isolated, and purified.

These particular mushroom extracts are among the most valuable of mushroom extracts for improving immune system function. They were selected for use in Optimal Immune 1 because of their synergy with each other to, in particular, help the immune system better fight pathogens like candida.

There are several herbs in Optimal Immune 1 that help the immune system become stronger. These include the two main herbs it contains, Astragulus and Burdock Root, and also Bacopa Extract and Mulehi Extract.

Astragalus, Burdock Root, Turmeric Extract, Green Tea Extract, Guggul Extract and Coleus Extract are the herbs in Optimal Immune 1 that help improve the function of the brain. This enables the brain to better direct and control the immune system to fight candida and remove toxins.

The ingredients in Optimal Immune 1 that support liver function include Reishi Extract, Cordyceps Sinensis Extract, Mitake Extract, Turmeric Extract, Green Tea Extract, Mangosteen Extract and Garcina Cambodia Extract. Many of these have antioxidant, free radical scavenging actions and anti-inflammatory activity.

The liver and the brain communicate closely with each other. As your liver becomes healthier, it feeds the brain better and calms down the brain. This enables the brain to more effectively control the immune system, and thus the immune system becomes much stronger than it does when it is supported by immune supplements only.

The particular combination of ingredients in Optimal Immune 1 make it the strongest formulation we have tested for helping the immune system and your body better deal with candida and the effects of the toxins produced by candida and other pathogens.

Medicinal mushrooms: Organic U.S. grown Reishi Extract, Cordyceps Sinensis Extract, Turkey Tail Extract and Mitake Extract.

Herbs: Astragulus 4:1, Burdock Root 4;1, Turmeric Extract, Green Tea Extract, Mangosteen Extract, Bacopa Extract, Gymnema Extract, Mulehi Extract, Garcina Cambogia Extract, Guggul Extract, Colesus Extract, Piperine. 90 capsules per bottle

Next you'll get a special version of a well known nutrient that protects the heart and helps your cells produce energy. CoQ10. Because candida toxins can damage energy production in your cells, they especially need this support.

Super ProCoQ10-Max

Super ProCoQ10-Max is the new standard in CoQ10 supplements. The solubility and absorbability of CoQ10 in Super ProCoQ10 is increased by the addition of esters, making it much more bioavailable. Human trials show that taking ProCoQ10 results in 18 times higher serum levels of CoQ10 than the same amount of standard CoQ10. These trials also show that, at just 30 mg per day, ProCoQ10 reduced daily DNA damage in humans by 51%. The amount of ProCoQ10 in Super ProCoQ10 is 200 mg per capsule.

Each Super ProCoQ10-Max capsule provides 380mg Soluble Rice Bran Complex (SRBC) which is 100% usable and absorbable. It is completely digestible because only the soluble part of the stabilized rice germ and bran is used. When taking just one capsule you receive the equivalent nutrition of a pound of ordinary brown rice, without all the starch.

This nutritious Rice Complex strongly supports maximum absorption of ProCoQ10 - and further enhances its far-ranging benefits. It provides a broad range of antioxidants including tocotrienols, which have been found to be 6000 times more effective than vitamin E. It also supplies natural B-Vitamins that boost energy, stamina and help stabilize blood sugar. It is a natural source of Alpha Lipoic Acid, and IP6. This further supports the protection of mitochondria and improves cellular energy.

30 capsules per bottle. Up to 7 capsules per day may be used for therapeutic needs. Normal dosage is one capsule per day.

Ingredients (per capsule): Soluble Rice Complex Concentrate 380 mg, ProCoQ10 200 mg, Aulterra trace mineral concentrate 10 mg, Niacin 4 mg, Lithium (from Lithium Orotate) 2.5 mg, Selenomethionine 1 mg

30 vegetable capsules per bottle

Radiant Care 11:1

Radiant Care is a one of a kind supplement that provides you benefits that nothing else can give you. While you can use it topically to reduce wrinkles or improve your skin, it is primarily meant to be taken internally to improve the function of all your organs. You can put it topically over the liver to significantly improve and support liver function.

Radiant Care is a proprietary blend of structured water, oils and other nutrients that is emulsified in a patent pending process. It may be used internally or externally. It's often used externally to improve the quality and health of the skin. It will also improve internal health when used topically, improving hydration of organs, boosting lymph and immune function, and more.

It is most powerful though, to take Radiant Care internally. Taken orally, it works to improve health three primary ways.

  1. It improves hydration of both your cells and your organs. This increase in hydration can lead to a profound improvement in the ability of your cells and organs to function at optimal levels, and to create radiant health.
  2. It increases hydration of the spine, and purifies spinal fluid which, in turn, significantly and greatly improves the functioning of the spinal nerves. This action enables these nerves to better control the functioning of all organs in your body — and also improves the ability of your body to control and modulate immune system function. Because of this, Radiant Care is one of the best supplements to use for conditions when the immune system is attacking the body, and when there is inflammation of any kind.
  3. It significantly improves the performance of the spleen by increasing production of high quality immune cells, and also by improving performance of the lymphatic system.

As you can see, Radiant Care gives you a host of benefits when you are fighting candida. In our energetic testing, on a scale of 1 to 10, it comes in at 8 for improving immune function and for improving overall health. It's a 7 for improving detoxification and a 5 for reducing inflammation. These are all important actions when you are turning your health around.

Serving size 1 tsp 4 gm or 24 pumps

Proprietary Nutrient Blend all Organic, cold pressed, full spectrum, non GMO: Sesame Seed Oil (raw), Grape Seed Oil, Black Cumin Seed Oil, Black Currant Seed Oil.

Blending agents: Purified Structured Mineral Water, Sunflower Lecithin, Xylitol (from US hardwoods), Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid.

This blend will naturally supply: Phosphatidylcholine, Phosphatidylserine, Conjugated Linoleic Acid, Eicosanoic Acid, Stigmasterol, Campesterol, Palmitic Acid, Stearic Acid, Beta-Sitosterol, Vitamin E (Alpha and Gamma Tocopherol and other Phenolic compounds), Tocotrienols, Carotenoids, including Beta Carotene, Proanthrocyanidins, Polyphenols, Vitamins and Minerals.

Solubilized Micronutrients QualiC (non gmo Vitamin C) 75 mg, CoEnzyme Q10 (Liposoluble) 50mg, Green Tea Extract (80% EGCG) 30mg.

Organic Essential Oils: Lime, White Grapefruit, Frankincense, Rosemary and Clove.

Nano Red

Nano Red is the final new supplement in Kit #3. It builds on the action of Radiant Care to improve lymph system function and more.

Whether you are killing candida or other pathogens with CandElim and Silver 9.0 Plus or sending them out of the body with CandXpel, the lymph system is involved in transporting them. And it can easily get overloaded and clogged up. Slowing down the whole detoxification process. Nano Red's primary function is to keep the lymph system opened up. In addition….

Nano Red delivers valuable support for normalization of blood and cell chemistry. Using high-quality, wildcrafted herbal extracts of Bloodroot, Red Root, Dandelion Root, Prickly Ash, Poke Root and Black Walnut as well as Humic and Fulvic acids, Nano Red cleans your blood and lymph system of pathogens, and any other cells that shouldn't be there.

In addition to being a centuries old treatments for skin issues and diseases, Bloodroot and Red Root extracts, tinctures and teas have been used to treat bleeding lungs, pneumonia, the common cold, whooping cough, emphysema, sinus congestion and migraines.

When combined with some of the other herbs which are also in Nano Red, Bloodroot has been very effective in slowing down a too fast heart rate. People suffering from palpitations have also been treated effectively with Bloodroot.

Nano Red's primary action, however, is to clean up the blood, lymph system, and your body in general. Of everything that shouldn't be there. It greatly improves spleen function and overall detoxification of your body.

The many other supporting herbs, essential oils, flower essence and homeopathic ingredients in Nano Red, enable it to be much more powerful than any Bloodroot or Red Root extract.

Ingredients: Proprietary herbal blend of super critical extracts: Red Root, Bloodroot, Dandelion Root, Prickly Ash, Poke Root, Black Walnut, Humic & Fulvic Acids, Grain Alcohol, Brandy. Larch, Pine and Oak Flower Essences, Homeopathic Calcarea Flourata 200. Organic Essential Oils of Grapefruit, Celery Seed, Ginger and Lemon. 2 oz. bottle

As with the other Know Candida Kits, Kit #3 gives you two free Elixirs that have powerful healing actions to help you better deal with fungal overgrowth. CandXpel and Optimal C Elixir.

You can read more about these two elixirs in the information about Kit #1.

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Kit #1   Attack 

Kit #1 starts you on your road to health. Attacking the candida two different ways and supporting your body in a could of other ways. Kit #1 supplies one bottle each the following supplements.

CandElim to kill candida everywhere in the body, and deactivate candida spores

PapayaPro to digest candida and to absorb toxins

Super PEO to support your cardiovascular system, hormonal and immune system

P-A-L Plus Digestive Enzymes to improve digestion

Plus You Get Free:

Sends Candida out of your body using energetic frequencies

Optimal C Elixir
Gets your body producing Vitamin C on its own

Kit #2    Eliminate

With Kit #2 you'll hit the candida in an entirely different way:

Silver GlucoPlus Unique silver OH water supplement strong enough to fight candida effectively.

In addition, it works on viral, bacterial and mycoplasma infections.

UltraLiver12 a top liver upport supplement for a liver that has been weakened by decades of candida toxins.

Super PEO to support your cardiovascular, hormonal, and immune system.

Plus You Get Free:

Sends Candida out of your body using energetic frequencies

Optimal C Elixir
Gets your body producing Vitamin C on its own

Kit #3   Maintain 

With Kit #3 you move into a maintenance protocol to be used for a number of months. It is designed to get your body healthier while at the same time continuing to reduce candida overgrowth. You get a bottle each of the following.

Optimal Immune 1 for continued immune support

Radiant Care 11:1 to hydrate and heal your internal organs

Nano Red to keep the lymph system working well

Super ProCoQ10 to increase cell energy production, especially valuable for the heart

Plus You Get Free:

Sends Candida out of your body using energetic frequencies

Optimal C Elixir
Gets your body producing Vitamin C on its own

Get Healthy Again With A Great Selection of Know Candida Support Supplements

Many times candida fungal overgrowth causes skin rashes, itching and even worse skin issues. While these fundamentally must be dealt with from the inside out, eliminating the candida overgrowth that is causing these issues, you can use a unique gel to reduce symptoms and to accelerate healing of the skin.



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