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The Many Ways Candida May Affect You

When candida overgrows in your gut and then spreads throughout your body, it often overwhelms the detoxification system. Candida produces a number of highly toxic chemicals and long term exposure to these chemicals can wreak havoc on your body.

Today you are going to learn what you need to know about candida fungal overgrowth so you can effectively deal with it and not have it plague you the rest of your life. (Did you see the study mentioned on Know The Cause where everyone autopsied after death who had Alzheimers had a brain full of candida, and none of the people who did not have Alzheimers had candida in the brain.)

Candida overgrowth, if you don't stop it, can have disastrous consequences as you age. The time to deal with it is now.

Hi, I'm Robert Harrison. I'm a nutritional consultant and what I'm going to tell you about is based on my conversations with, and feedback from, thousands of people since 2002. Back then there was a lot I didn't know about candida. Seeing the effects of candida overgrowth on friends, family and those I consulted with, I made it a mission to come up with ways to help folks beat this never ending infection — ways that take the whole picture into consideration.

As I mentioned, when I got started there was a lot I didn't know about candida overgrowth, and chances are that you don't know as much as you need to know if you want to deal with this effectively. Let's go over what you need to Know About Candida Overgrowth.

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Know Candida — Top Candida Fighting Supplements


Years ago I set out to make the best possible product to fight candida overgrowth and its spores. CandElim was what I came up with, and it has proven to be very effective. Comes as a 2 ounce liquid so we could energize it with spore deactivating and candida killing energies. Packed with herbs, essential oils and other nutrients that kill candida and other pathogens.

With over tens thousand bottles sold, it proven to be a great candida fighter that has been our go to anti candida supplement for years. It's so good, in fact, one practitioner told me that it was even the cure for Crohn's. It is easy to take, and extremely powerful, so start with a low dose of 1 to 6 drops a day, depending on your sensitivities, and work up to using 30 drops once a day.

If you can just afford one supplement to fight candida, make it CandElim.  Because of its ability to kill spores, in addition to its powerful candida fighting actions, it gives you a chance to actually knock out the overgrowth. With most other supplements, this is not possible because the spores are not killed or eliminated.

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PapayaPro is a multi-dimensional supplement that has help users for many years. It is a powder that uses mature green papaya powder to digest candida, parasites and other pathogens. It contains modified citrus pectin that will absorb candida die off toxins, helping your body better handle the side effects of killing candida. And it is packed with free radical scavenging anti-inflammatory herbs that help to reduce the excessive inflammation that candida toxins cause. Use one container of month of this powder, taking it on an empty stomach once a day.

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Easy Start Kit

Our Easy Start Kit gives you a bottle each of CandElim and PapayaPro. As a bonus, you get for free one of the top additional supplements to use when fighting candida overgrowth, the Optimal C Elixir featured below. In addition, as with all kits, Shipping is Free.

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More support with frequency enhanced water elixirs.

The base of each elixir is the same. Structured water and a tiny amount of organic orange and rosemary essential oils. These hold the energetic vibration frequencies of sets of instructions that are being transferred to the body by taking the elixirs. Each type of elixir has a different set of instructions — all in the form of energetic vibrational frequencies. Again. The base of each is the same, as with homeopathy or any other energetic remedy.
Our experience is that they do a great job of doing whatever we instruct them to do. Well over 100,000 elixirs have been sold over the years so we've heard a great deal of feedback on them. They are very easy to take, as they can all be held together in the mouth, twice a day, for a minute before swallowing. Twenty or more minutes away from anything else.

The elixirs below are some of the strongest candida fighting support supplements you can include in this battle against candida overgrowth. The most important one is....

Optimal C Elixir

This elixir tells the liver to make the enzyme needed by humans so that we can make our own vitamin C. We are missing the gene needed to make this enzyme, while most other mammals have this gene. Optimal C takes the place of this gene, so to speak, by instructing the liver to make optimal amounts of this enzyme so that it can make optimal amounts, in the range of 10 grams or more a day, of natural, exactly what the body needs, vitamin C.

All this vitamin C acts as a powerful detoxification agent, eliminating free radicals and toxins. It is even a strong candida killer. The liver, when you take Optimal C, makes vitamin C from glucose. Blood sugar. Candida gobbles up this vitamin C because it looks like sugar to them. Inside the candida, it interacts with minerals and forms hydrogen peroxide. When enough hydrogen peroxide builds up in the candida fungus, it dies.

Use 1 or 2 bottles a month of Optimal C Elixir. Start with a low dose because of its detoxification abilities. Optimal C is an elixir that you could decide to continue using for the rest of your life. LDL cholesterol causes cardiovascular disease only when it is oxidized. If you have optimal amounts of vitamin C in your blood, it will not oxidize, and you will have significantly protected yourself from heart attacks and strokes.

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Liver Detox Pathways Elixir

A huge issue in recovering from candida is overwhelm to the liver that a lifetime of detoxifying candida toxins causes. What happens is that the enzymes in the detoxification pathways that eliminate toxins from the body get used up. In addition, the genes that control the production of these enzymes become damaged by candida toxins, and don't signal the liver to make more of these enzymes.

As a consequence, the liver can't complete the process of removing toxins from the body and these toxins build up in cells throughout the body. If you experience chemical sensitivities, if you can't handle candida killing die off, this inability to detoxify is what happened to you.

The Liver Detox Pathways Elixir would be one of the most important, if not the most important supplement for you to be using, when this is the case. It tells the body to make the enzymes in the liver detoxification pathways, so that those pathways can start working again, and at long last, toxins will start to be efficiently eliminated by the liver.

In addition, it tells the body to gradually repair the genes that were damaged, so that they liver can start making those enzymes again, without needing to take this elixir forever. Use 1 or 2 bottles a month for 4 to 6 months.

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CandXpel is a unique candida and spore fighting elixir that works by sending candida and spores out of the body. Frequencies in this elixir irritate the candida and make it want to leave the body. The immune system is told to find candida and spores and transport them out of the body. Without killing them.

This greatly reduces die off because the candida are not being killed. Remarkably, it is proving to be quite strong for dealing with candida. In fact it may turn out to be the very best anti-candida supplement there is.

This is the supplement of choice to use to fight candida if you are highly sensitive to die off.

Pentose Phosphate Pathway Elixir

This elixir has a unique action especially valuable when you suffer from a foggy head, fatigue, depression, anxiety and irritability. These symptoms, and others, are caused by the alcohol toxins produced by candida. The Pentose Phosphate Pathway Elixir stops or reduces production of this alcohol. Here's how.

The pentose phosphate pathway is the enzyme pathway in cells and candida that metabolize glucose to make energy. Alcohol toxins are produced by candida as a byproduct of glucose metabolism. Instructions in the Pentose Phosphate Pathway Elixir stop production of the enzymes in the pentose phosphate pathway.

As a consequence, Candida become weaker because they are unable to get much energy from eating their favorite food, carbs and sugars. They will not be able to flare up as easily when you cheat on the diet. They will be less active. They will be easier to kill.

Their toxin production will greatly decrease. Helping to take a load off your detoxification system. Your cells will then be able to start eliminating some of the toxins that are stuck in them. Your body will start to heal.

If you are one of the many who suffer from excessive symptoms and sensitivities because of candida overgrowth, adding in the Pentose Phosphate Pathway Elixir, along with CandXpel, Liver Detox Pathways Elixir and PapayaPro, make a lot of sense.

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Proteolytic Boost

This elixir make PapayaPro much more effective. At the same time it is extremely powerful on its own. Instructions in it tell your pancreas to make extra enzymes, called proteolytic enzymes, in order to digest the candida in your body. In fact, the pancreas is told to make enough additional enzymes to digest all the candida in just three months.

It may take longer, of course, but this instruction gives the pancreas a volume of enzyme production to shoot for. What makes these extra enzymes extremely powerful is this instruction. The body is instructed to transport these enzymes to where they need to go. In this case, to digest candida.

The longer you continue using Proteolytic Boost, the more it does. These enzymes are a major cleanup crew for your body. Arteries will be cleared of clot forming fibrin. Scar tissue will gradually be digested. Cysts and tumors are digested by these enzymes too. Instructions tell your body to assess and optimize how best to use these enzymes, and to get the enzymes where they need to go. Candida, with all its symptoms and ill health consequences, will be a major target selected by the body for these extra enzymes.

Additional instructions tell your body to transport any supplemental enzymes to where they need to go. Typically when you take supplemental enzymes on an empty stomach so that they can go into the body, they float around the blood system and digest whatever they happen to run into. With this targeting, the enzymes in PapayaPro, for example, will be much more effective as more of them will get to candida fungi to digest them and their toxins.

There tends to be less die off symptoms from the use of enzymes to kill candida because the enzymes will also digest the toxins in candida. As a consequence, PapayaPro and Proteolytic Boost are among the top supplements to use when you have plenty of candida overgrowth, especially if you suffer from extreme sensitivity.

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Healing Rescue

This elixir will also help you deal with your candida symptoms, and any other health or stressful crisis you may be dealing with. The instructions in it help your body to respond to adverse symptoms with more calm, and work to reduce those symptoms, or stop them entirely, if possible.

If you always have symptoms, take Healing Rescue every day with your other elixirs. Or if it is an occasional symptom, cold or flu, headache, or worse, take on an as needed basis. Healing Rescue contains a number of the same energies that are in other popular energetic remedies such as Rescue Remedy, and in addition have many other powerful instructions that make it much more effective to use. If you are sick of how you feel, give Healing Rescue a try and see what it can do for you.

When candida overgrows in your gut and then spreads throughout your body, it often overwhelms the detoxification system. Candida produces a number of highly toxic chemicals and long term exposure to these chemicals can wreak havoc on your body.

The buildup of toxins, if candida happens to colonize the brain, can cause a foggy head, depression, and anxiety. It's not your fault if this is happening to you. Chemical reactions taking place cause this.

Seeing the effects of candida overgrowth on friends, family and those I consulted with, I made it a mission to come up with ways to help folks beat this never ending infection — ways that take the whole picture into consideration.

Get Healthy Again With A Great Selection of Know Candida Support Supplements

Many times candida fungal overgrowth causes skin rashes, itching and even worse skin issues. While these fundamentally must be dealt with from the inside out, eliminating the candida overgrowth that is causing these issues, you can use a unique gel to reduce symptoms and to accelerate healing of the skin.




We at have been helping folks understand and deal with candida overgrowth for over 15 years. We have dived deep into understanding what goes on with candida, and continually upgrade ways to deal with it better. We are here to support you and to help you beat this beast.


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